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Dr. Abdul-Mueed Muslim

Posted: 23/4/2010

Job vacancy for an Imam at Eccles Mosque

Job vacancy for an Imam at Eccles Mosque.
More info at

5 Liverpool Road, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0WB

About Eccles Mosque

Eccles is a small town in Greater Manchester, North West of England. Eccles mosque, run by the Eccles & Salford Islāmic society, serves a diverse Muslim community of various ethnic origins – Yemeni, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian and other nationalities. We are looking for a dynamic and enthusiastic Imam to be part of our newly refurbished mosque to serve this unique community on a full-time basis.
Brief job description

Main duties will include, Friday Khutbas, daily salahs, running & managing classes for the adults and children’s Madrasa (by co-coordinating & organising a syllabus). The successful candidate will motivate the diverse community – especially the youth in a manner that they feel comfortable and enthusiastic to learn about Islam. He will be energetic and motivated to play an active role in the pastoral care of the community. The Imam is also expected to be actively involved in interfaith, dawah & community activities, along with other ancillary duties for the office of Imam.

Qualifications & Qualities sought

* The candidate must be a Sunni ‘alim with qualifications in sacred sciences from a recognised Institute in the UK or abroad.
* Hafidh-ul-Quran highly desirable.
* He must be familiar with various schools of fiqh and have an awareness of the heritage of different Muslim cultures and background.
* He must be fluent in English & Arabic; abilities in other languages such as Urdu and Bangla will be advantageous but not essential.
* Qualifications in general sciences or skills that can serve the community well.
* The candidate should ideally have experience in managing people and activities.
* Most importantly, he must have qualities such as patience, compassion, humility, tenacity, good character, communication skills and time consciousness.
* A broad & mature understanding of Islam.

If your skills, experience and knowledge can enhance the lives of our community, please get in touch with us. The post will carry a salary of up to £20K p/a (depending on experience). Only those who are eligible to work in the UK will be considered.

Closing Date: 4th June 2010

General enquiries:

* Mr. Ali Anees:
+44(0)7958 299770
* Mr. Muhammad Ali Al-Nomire:
+44(0)7790 494755

Please send your CV with a covering letter to:

* Dr. Abdul-Mueed Muslim

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