Muslim Radio Stations in England

We found 7 muslim radio stations in England as follows...

Unity FM (93.5FM) - Birmingham, B11

UnityFM is a 24 hour Community Radio Station serving the diverse Muslim population of Birmingham and the wider Midlands area. Tune in on 93.5FM.

Radio Ikhlas (107.8FM) - Derby, DE23

Broadcasting on 107.8FM since 2001. Now airing 24-7 to over 15,000 homes in Derby.
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Radio Dawn (107.6FM) - Nottingham, NG7

The only full time Muslim radio station in Nottingham. Listen to live interviews, call-ins, events, current affairs and much more. Airing on 107.6FM.
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Islam Radio - Bradford, BD8

Muslim listeners now have a dedicated Islamic radio station to listen to. Broadcasting 24 hours a day on DAB and the Internet.
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Paigham Radio - Bradford, BD3

A muslim radio station wanting to meet the educational needs of the community.
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Inspire FM (105.1FM) - Luton, LU1

105.1FM. A community based voluntary radio service, originally Radio Ramadhan Luton, now full-time service to replace the Ramadhan only broadcast.
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1 Ummah Fm - Reading, RG1

Full time Muslim Radio station serving the Muslim community, a schedule full of engaging discussions, debates, shows for all our listeners.
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